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How to send a signature request using a template?

Thu, 1 Sep, 2022

A template is a predefined format that can be modified to create the required document. A signature request can be sent using a template.

Follow the below steps to send a signature request using a template.

  • Select Create New Document and then, in the Add File(s) section, click the Browse Templates button.
  • There you will find all the saved and shared templates. Choose a template from it and then click Use.

request using template

  • Another way is to go to the Templates menu and select All Templates option.
  • Hover on a template from the list of templates and click the Use template option from the context menu dropdown or click the Use button near the context menu.

use template new

template new

  • While using the template, you can change the recipient’s name, email address, etc., but the Role added in the template cannot be changed.
  • After all the changes have been made, click Next and proceed with the completion of the signing request document.
  • A signature request using the template has been sent successfully.
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