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How to use a shared template?

Fri, 1 Oct, 2021

  • A template can be shared by a user with any team. These shared template can be used by all the members of the team to which it was shared.
  • Click the Templates -> Shared Templates to open the shared template page which has all the shared templates.

Shared Template Page

  • Click the use button or 'Use Template' option from the menu of the template and start using the template like regular templates.

!Shared Template Use Option

  • The new page opens with the uploaded documents and other predefined details of the shared template.

Template New Page

  • You can make changes to the template and add form fields to the documents if required based on allowed permisions, before sending the document for signing.
  • While creating a template, the user can make sure only certain actions allowed regardless of user access that is defined by the user who share the template. This includes permissons such as 'Edit this recpient', 'Delete this recipient', 'Allow sender to add more recipients'. To know more click Create a template.

Shared Template Details

Shared Template Roles

Shared Template Document Settings

Shared Template Prepare Document

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