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How to share a template to other teams?

Fri, 1 Oct, 2021

  • A template can be shared by a user to any team. A shared template can only be shared to other teams if the template is shared with 'Can edit' access.

Can Edit Access

  • Click the template menu and select Share option.

Share Option Pointed

  • 'Share Template' dialog box option opens up. Select the team from the teams dropdown and click 'Add' button.

Share Template Dialogbox

Teams Dropdown

Teams Added

  • Select an access for the team and click 'Share' button.

Template Access Dropdown

  • Now the template is successfully shared with other team.

Template Shared

  • There are two different access to select from:

Can use- If this access is allowed, the user can only use the template.

Can Use Template

Use Template Option

Can edit- If this access is allowed, the user has option to edit and share the template.

Can Edit Access

Shared Template Edit Option

-The user can edit the details about the template such as the name, description, roles for the recipients.

Editable Template

Edited Template Details

Editable Role Name

Edited Template Roles

-The user can also make changes CC, Document Title, Message and the form fields of the document.

Editable Template Bottom Section

Template Document Edited

-After completing the changes, save it. And all these changes are reflected to everyone who uses of the template.

Save Template Dialogbox

Template Saved

Template Details Updated

-The team users can also share the template with other teams.

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