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Create a template

Fri, 1 Oct, 2021

  • Click the ‘Create New’ button in the top-left corner. It reveals options such as ‘Create New Document', ’Create New Template’, ’Create New Bulk Link’.

Create New Pointed

Create New Template Pointed

  • Select ‘Create New Template’ option and new page opens up. Add a title for the template and a description about it.

Add Template Details

  • Upload the document to be signed.

Temlpate Add File

  • Add the required recipients and name them a role. The role is to identify the signer who will sign the document whenever the template is used.

Add Role

  • Role added in template cannot be edited while using the template.

Uneditable Role

  • While using the template, as per default settings, you can edit name and email added here. You can also change the signer role from the dropdown on the right.

Editable Name And Email

  • But it can be made uneditable by changing the settings. Click show settings and you can see 'Edit this recipient' and 'Delete this recipient' options enabled.

Edit This Receipient Pointed

  • Disable the 'Edit this recipient' option to make the Name and Mail uneditable. The signer role cannot be changed as well.

Edit This Receipient Disabled

Uneditable Name And Email

  • While using a template, as per default settings, you can delete the already added recipient after adding at least one more repient and start fresh.

Delete This Recipient Pointed

  • Disabling the 'Delete this recipient' option can make sure the recipient defined in the template cannot be deleted but only edited as per permissions.

Disable Delete This Recipient

  • In such case, there will be no delete button while using the template.

Delete Button Missing

  • While using a template, as per default settings, you can add more recipients using 'Add Role' button.
  • Disabling the 'Allow sender to add more recipients' option can make sure no new recipents can be added while using the template.

Allow More Recipient

Disable Allow More Recipient

  • In such case, there will be no 'Add Role' button while using the template.

Add More Recipient Missing

  • Add CC for the document if needed. Sender can also name the document and include a common message for signers in the recipient list of the template.

Add CC

Template Document Section

  • Click next to open prepare page. Sender can add the required formfields to the document. These fields can be assigned to different signers by changing to the respective role name in drop-down.

Role Dropdown

  • While adding the form fields, there is name alotted for all form fields. If the template is used to send documents using API without the user interface, these names are used to identify each formfield during coding.

Label Name

  • There are special options for Label formfield while creating template. The required option is by default enabled for the label.

Label Required Pointed

  • This means while using the template, you can't delete the label and shows following error.

Label Cannot Be Deleted

  • After adding the required form fields to the document click ‘save template’ and dialog box opens.

Template Formfields Added

Save Template Button

Template Saved

  • The template is created and can be seen in all templates and my templates page.

All Templates Page

  • The sender can use the template whenever required by clicking the use button. Sender can also make new changes to template before sending the document as per the permissions allowed such as 'Edit this recpient', 'Delete this recipient', 'Allow sender to add more recipients' mentioned above.

Template Use Button

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