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How to auto position the form fields?

Wed, 16 Nov, 2022

In BoldSign, you can position all form fields automatically. Now, this feature is only accessible while creating templates. Auto positioning can be helpful when the same form field is placed in multiple locations. Using the auto positioning technique, you can quickly position all fields on the template. Additionally, it helps organize form fields into groups so that when one field is manually filled in, all the other identical fields are automatically filled in with the same value.

Auto positioning the form fields

  • Click Create New and then select the Create New Template option.

create template

  • Add file(s), complete the required fields, and then click the Next button to move to the following page.
  • On the Configure fields page, drag the required form field, and drop it in the proper location of the document.
  • When a form field is dropped into a document, the settings page opens on the right side of the page. At the bottom of the page, you can find the Auto positioning option.

configure button

  • After clicking the Configure button, you will then be prompted to enter the anchor text in the box. The Name , in this case, serves as the anchor text, which is simply a text in the document in which the field will be positioned.
  • Once the anchor text is filled, click the Done button. The form field will replace all the anchor text seen in the document.

anchor text

grouped field

  • The identical form fields are grouped together, and if one field is filled, the value is also filled in for all the other fields.
  • Click the Ungroup button to fill out each field separately. If necessary, you can also Edit and Delete the auto-positioning.

un group

  • After completing the template, select Save template. You can send a document for signature using this saved template.

Note: It is important to enter the anchor text accurately. If the anchor text you entered is not present in the document, you will receive an error message.

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