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How to self-sign a document

Thu, 15 Apr, 2021

The sender can self-sign the document. In order to self-sign, the sender should add themselves as a recipient before sending the document.

Follow the steps below to self-sign a document:

  • Click Create New and select Create New Document option.
  • Add a file in the Add file(s) field.
  • Then, add your details in the Add recipients field. You can either add your details manually or use Add Me button.

Add me option

  • After filling all the required fields on the prepare documents section, click Next to move to the Configure fields page.
  • While adding the form fields like Signature, Initials, and Image, you are requested to fill the respective form fields.

Signature field

  • When you add form fields such as Date Signed, Name, and Email, the fields will be filled automatically.

Name field

  • When you add the Textbox, Label, and Hyperlink fields, settings menu will open on the right side of the page. You must fill in the required fields in the settings before sending the document.

Text box field

  • In the Self-sign process, by default, the checkbox field is checked and can’t be unchecked.
  • After filling in the form fields, click the Finish signing button on the top-right corner of the screen and complete the signing process.
  • Once completed, the message below will be displayed.

Completed signing

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