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How to print and sign a document?

Wed, 15 Sep, 2021

  • Print and sign is an option available only for Business and API plan users. If print and sign is enabled, the document can be printed, and signing can be done offline.

How to use Print and Sign?

  • To use print and sign option during document creation, enable Allow signers to print and sign feature in Document settings section of new page.

Print And Sign Pointed

Print And Sign Explained

Print And Sign Enabled

  • The signer receives an Email and click the Review and Sign button and the document opens up.

Sign Document Email

  • Click the More Actions button on the top-right corner.

Print And Sign In Dropdown

  • Select Print and sign option. A confirmation dialog box opens up for confirmation. Click Yes, proceed to continue.

Print And Sign Confirmation

  • The print and sign procedure is initiated and the document is downloaded and you can exit the page.

Print And Sign Instruction

Download Started

Document Downloaded

  • After that print the downloaded document and sign it.
  • Now scan the signed document and send it to the sender personally.

Signer uploading the signed document:

  • The sender gets notified through mail about the choice to Print and sign.

Print And Sign Email

  • The sender will review the signed document. After reviewing it sender shall open the documents page and look for the sent document.

My Documents Page

  • Click the document to open up the overview page.

Upload Scanned Document Pointed

  • Click the Upload Scanned Document option and upload the signed document.

Uploading Document

  • Now check the positions of the fields in document. Then check the checkbox in the bottom and click the Confirm field positions button. The signing process is complete.

Confirm Field Positions

Print And Sign Completed

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