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What are the supported file formats and file sizes?

Mon, 8 Aug, 2022

  • The BoldSign e-signature application supports files in the following formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, and Docx.
  • While creating a signing request document or a template, you can add up to 25 files. Each document can have a maximum count of 1000 pages and it should not be larger than 25MB in size.

max count

  • You can add a maximum of 20 CC recipients when creating a signing request document or a template.
  • The maximum file size to attach a completed document after signing is 5 MB in emails. Even if the completed documents are larger than 5MB, a link to the document is still provided in the email to view and download the completed document.

Note: The BoldSign does not support password protected files. To upload a password protected file, remove the security setting before uploading the file.

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