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How to upload documents from the cloud storage?

Wed, 16 Nov, 2022

In BoldSign, in addition to uploading files from the local machine, you can also upload files from the cloud storage for creating eSignature requests. Three cloud storages are supported, and they are as follows:

  • Upload files from OneDrive
  • Upload files from Dropbox
  • Upload files from Google Drive

cloud storage

The files can be stored in any one of the above cloud storages to access from anywhere and any device. Those files can be used to create signature requests. To create a new signature request, click Create New button and select Create New Document. Local file upload and cloud file upload will be displayed.

Uploading files from OneDrive

  • When you select the Upload files from OneDrive option, it will take you to the logged-in OneDrive page, where you can choose and upload files for the signature request.

one drive

Uploading files from Dropbox

  • When you choose the Upload files from Dropbox option, you will either be requested to log in or if you logged in already, you will be taken directly to the My files page of Dropbox.

drop box

Uploading files from Google Drive

  • When you choose to Upload files from Google Drive , you will be taken to the file storage page to upload files.

google drive

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