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How to allow the signers to sign all the fields in one step?

Tue, 01 Nov, 2022

When a document has several signature fields, it is difficult for signers to click and sign each field. To make it simple, you can enable an option that allows the signers to fill out all the signature fields with a single click.

Enabling sign everywhere option:

  • Select the Business Profile under the Settings menu.
  • The business profile option is applicable only to the account administrator.
  • Enable the Enable Sign Everywhere option by scrolling down.
  • Click the Save changes button after making your changes.
  • The signature request sent after these changes will let the signers sign all the signature fields in one single click.

apply sign

Note: The option mentioned above is only applicable if the signer has added the default signature and enabled the Apply saved signature in all signature fields by default option in his profile.

signer side

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