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How to clone or duplicate a document?

Wed, 10 Aug, 2022

Cloning a document means generating a duplicate document from the existing one. A cloned document is identical in file name and content to its original one, but the document’s Id remains unique. This option is less time-consuming and helpful in creating similar documents quickly.

You can clone or duplicate a document in two ways:

  • Select the My Documents option on the home screen. Then, click the document you want to clone. You will find the Clone document option in the context menu.

clone document new

  • Another way is, click the document in the My Documents page, and it will be navigated to the document’s overview page. Then click the More actions button. There you will find the Clone document option.

overview clone new

  • When you choose the Clone document option, it will take you to the editing page of the cloned document, where you can change the recipient’s name, email address, and any additional modifications before sending the document for signing.

Note: Only the sender of the document has access to the clone document option.

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