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How to add authentication to a signer?

Mon, 12 Apr, 2021

To verify the signer’s authenticity, sender can use the authentication methods.

  • While adding the recipients, there is Show settings option below. Click the drop-down to reveal the Authentication feature.
  • Enable the option to reveal the authentication options:
  1. Email OTP (one time password)
  2. Access code

otp access

Authentication Type Reason to use Working
Email OTP To verify that the signer has access to the registered Email. Sends an auto-generated verification code to the recipient’s Email ID.
Access code This is used when the sender wants to use a specific code to verify the signer. Sender can add the code that is to be requested from the signer. The access code must be communicated personally to the signer beforehand.
  • When the signer tries to sign the document, the OTP or access code is requested before opening the document.

otp code

acess code

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