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How to change the document expiry date type?

Wed, 16 Nov, 2022

In BoldSign, the expiration date helps to restrict or end the access of the signer given to the document. The recipients added to the document should complete the signing work before the deadline. The agreement expires if the task is not completed by the due date.

Expiry date types

The expiration date can be set in the following three different types:

  • Days – Number of days after which the document must expire
  • Hours – Number of hours after which the document must expire
  • Specific Date and Time – A particular date and time after which the document must expire

Changing the expiry type

  • Click the Business Profile option under the Settings menu.
  • You can find a Default Expiry Date Type option by scrolling down to the Document settings section on the Business Profile page.
  • In the Default Expiry Date Type , check the options by clicking the dropdown.
  • The type is set to Days by default, but if you want to change it, you can modify it.
  • Click the dropdown to change the option to Hours or a Specific Date and Time.
  • You can also modify the Expiry Duration option below and save your changes.
  • The default expiry type saved will be applied to documents created after these changes.

expiry date type

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