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How to configure reminders and expiration?

Tue, 13 Sep, 2022

Features like reminders and expiration are essential for an eSignature document. A reminder is helpful when you must remind someone to review or sign a document. The sender can choose how many reminders to send and when they should begin. Expiration in an eSignature document creates a sense of urgency for the signer to complete the work. The sender can set the expiry date at when the document should expire.

Follow the below steps to set reminders and expiration in an eSignature document:

  • Click Create New and select Create New Document from the dashboard page, Add file(s) and recipients, and scroll down to the Document settings.
  • In the Document settings, under the Expires in option, you can change the expiry days. It is set as 60 days by default, but the days can be increased or decreased.
  • Once the days are set, select the option below to receive an Alert 1 day before expiry.
  • If required, enable the Auto reminder option, and manage the auto reminder by specifying when the first reminder should begin.
  • The sender can choose how frequently the reminder should continue following the first reminder by adding days in the Remind every option.
  • In the Max. reminders option, you can set up to 25 reminders.
  • Click Next to complete the creation of the eSignature document. All recipients should complete the signing process before the deadline.

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