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How to add a recipient as an in-person signer?

Tue, 06 Dec, 2022

The in-person signer option in BoldSign allows you to get a document signed in front of a company representative or another host. With this option, anyone can host a signing session on a tablet or any other device. The in-person signer option is accessible only to paid users.

Adding a recipient as in-person signer

  • Click Create New and select Create New Document option.
  • Add file(s) on the Prepare document page, then enter the recipients’ names, email addresses, and roles in the Add recipients section.
  • If the recipient should sign as an in-person signer, select the role, and enter the host’s email address below it.

in person signer

  • The host should be one of your organization’s users. The in-person session can only be hosted by a person within the organization.
  • Once the host id is added, Click Next to enter the required form fields and transmit the document for signature.

Signing a document as in-person signer

  • The host will receive a mail link after the document has been sent. Click the Host Signing Session.

mail notification

  • You will be asked to click the appropriate recipient for whom you are hosting the session and click the Next button.

select user

  • An instruction page opens. You should read the instructions thoroughly and click the Start session button.

start session

  • It will then redirect the user to the signing page, where the in-person signer can finish the signing process under the guidance of the host.
  • When the Complete signing button is clicked, a prompt asking to return control to the host will show up.

transfer control

  • Click the Transfer control button and complete the signing process.
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