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How to add a contact group as a recipient?

Tue, 06 Dec, 2022

You can add a contact group as a recipient if you want to send documents to multiple signers quickly. You can create a contact group and use it whenever you need to send documents to the same set of signers. The contact group can be used by any member of the organization.

You can create a contact group either on the My Contacts page under the Contacts menu or while sending a document. Follow the steps below to create a contact group while sending a document:

  • Click Create New and select the Create New Document option.
  • On the prepare document page, select the context menu near the Add Recipient option and click the Add Recipient Group option.
  • The Contact group name column will be added in the Add recipients section. Enter the group name in the Contact group name field and click the Create new contact group option.
  • The Create Contact Group dialog box will appear. Enter the group name in the Contact group name field, add signers in the Add user(s) to the group field using the Add option, and click the Create button.
  • You can also import the signers using the Import from CSV option.
  • Now, the signer group has been successfully created.

Create signer group

  • While creating the document, add the group name in the Add recipients section to send the document to all signers in that group. You can also add the groups created in My Contacts.
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