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When should I use a Document, Template or Bulk Link?

Mon, 15 Mar, 2021

It can be a bit confusing in the beginning to choose between these options, so we have put together these guidelines for choosing the best option depending on your usage scenario.

  • Document: Choose this option for one-off unique contracts where you must lay out the fields at different positions every time. If you find yourself sending the same contract to a different set of people with identical fields then it’s time to create a template.
  • Template: Choose this option if you have a need to send the same contract for signature repeatedly to a different set of people but with the exact same fields. Once a template is set up then it takes less than a minute to send contracts based on a template. You can set up templates for both self-signing and sending out for signature scenarios.
  • Bulk Link: Choose this option if you would like to have many people sign an identical contract separately over a period. The number of people who will be signing the contract or their identity need not be known at the time the bulk link is configured. Once a bulk link is active, then anyone with access to that URL will be able to sign the contract. A limitation is that there can only be one signer in the document. This is ideal for scenarios like a new employee needing to sign an NDA, the same link can be given to every new employee when they join.
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