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Customize with your branding

Mon, 15 Mar, 2021

You can customize the branding of signature request emails and the document signing pages with your own colors, logos, and much more. It is even possible to configure multiple brands and then choose branding on a document level. The steps to create custom branding is outlined below:

  • Branding options can be found under the settings menu in the left navigation pane. Please note that this option is only visible to account administrators.


  • Click the “Create New Brand” button to create a new brand profile.


  • Specify a name for the brand. This is just a name for you to be able to identify this brand profile when you have multiple brands in your account.
  • Upload your own brand logo and customize colors as desired. A preview of the brand customizations selected will be shown on the right side.


  • You can also optionally configure the “From” name that will be shown in signature request emails.
  • Once a brand profile has been configured in your account, it will be possible to choose a specific profile at the time of sending out documents for signature.


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