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Creating Bulk Links

Mon, 15 Mar, 2021

Bulk Links are used for scenarios where you would like to have many people sign an identical contract separately over a period. The number of people who will be signing the contract or their identity need not be known at the time the bulk link is configured. Once a bulk link is active, then anyone with access to that URL will be able to sign the contract. A limitation is that there can only be one signer in the document. This is ideal for scenarios like a new employee needing to sign an NDA, the same link can be given to every new employee when they join. The process to create Bulk Links is outlined below:

  • You can create a Bulk Link by clicking on the “Create New” button at the top left position and choosing the “Create New Bulk Link” option.
  • The process is the same as setting up a template but there can only be one role.
  • Any name fields used in the document will resolve to the signer’s name at the time of signing.
  • Once the bulk link is set up, a link to sign the document can be shared with others or embedded on your website.


  • Anyone who has access to that link can sign the contract. However, we will send a verification code to their email at the time of signing to ensure that they have access to the specified email address.
  • You can also optionally limit the responses and restrict the number of users who can sign.
  • You will be notified as each person signs this document.
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