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Can team or account admin view the document?

Fri, 26 Aug, 2022

The team admin and account admin can see the metadata of all the documents, but they cannot see the document’s actual content unless they are participants in it, like signers, reviewers, or in-person signers.

If the team or account admin is not a participant in the document

When your team member received a document for signing or completed signing a document or sent a document for signing and you are not a participant in it, you can only be able to view the metadata of the document by following the below steps.

  • Click on the Team Documents in the Documents section and select the document for which you want to see the details.
  • You can view the document’s metadata, such as document’s ID, status, etc., and document’s history and recipient details but you cannot download or view the original document.

team documents section

If the team or account admin is a participant in the document

In this case, if you are the signer, reviewer or in-person signer of the document, you can view the document’s contents, its metadata and you can also download the document.

Follow the below steps to view the document’s content.

  • Click on the Team documents or My documents section and select a document to view its overview page.
  • The More actions button is in the upper right corner. When you click on that, the View document option will appear.
  • Select the option to view the document’s original content.

team documents participants

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