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How to set different time zone?

Wed, 12 Oct, 2022

The time zone can be set to the signer’s preference in the audit trail document. Before creating a document, change the time zone to the signer’s preference in the particular brand. The selected time zone will be reflected in the audit trail document.

Changing the time zone

  • Go to Settings and select Branding.
  • The branding option can be accessed only by the account administrator.
  • Click the context menu at the right end of the brand and select the Edit Brand option.

 Edit brand option

  • You can find the Document Time Zone option on the Edit Brand page.
  • Enable this option, and select a time zone using the drop-down, and then click the Save changes button.

 Document time zone option

  • Then, create a document on the Create New page, select the right brand in which the document time zone is set, and click Send.
  • Once the document is completed, download the audit trail document.
  • The selected timezone is now reflected in the audit trail document.

 Audit trail document

  • If the date signed field is added to the document, the current date will be automatically filled in while signing. In some cases, the date may differ based on the selected time zone.
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