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Pin the statistics to Dashboard

Mon, 28 Jun, 2021

You can pin document statistics to the dashboard for easy access. There is also an option to pin Bulk Links to the dashboard.

Pin documents to the dashboard:

  • Click My Documents to open the list of documents.
  • Select the filter button in the search box to open filter options.
  • You can add specification to the filter such as Sent documents or Received documents, or Both.

filrer doc

  • There is an option to filter based on different statuses of the document, such as Waiting for meWaiting for othersNeeds attentionDeclinedCompletedRevoked, and Expired.

status filter

  • There is also an option to filter based on sender or receiver or using a date range such as Today, Yesterday, and so on.

sent filter

receiver filter

date filter

  • After filtering the documents, click the Apply Filter button.
  • Once the filter is applied, a pin button appears on the top of the page.
  • When clicked, Pin to Dashboard dialog box opens and requests a name for the widget with the filtered list. Enter the name and click the Save & Pin button to save the widget to the dashboard.

save pin

Pinned documents widget options:

  • You can find the pinned widget in the dashboard.
  • You can easily open the pinned statistics to view the filtered documents using View Filter.

view filter

  • You can rename the widget and delete it using the menu button.

menu option

  • To pin bulk links to the dashboard, click My Bulk links.
  • Click the menu button of the bulk link and select Pin to dashboard.

bulk link

  • Now, the bulk link appears as a widget in the dashboard. Click View Bulk Link to open the bulk link overview page.
  • You can also view the document using the View Bulk Link Documents option of the menu button. You can delete the widget using the Delete widget option.

bulk pin

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