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Pin the statistics to Dashboard

Mon, 28 Jun, 2021

  • You can pin Document statistics to the dashboard for easy use. There is also option to pin Bulk Links to dashboard.
  • Click 'My Documents' to open list of documents.

My Documents Pointed

My Documents Page

  • Select filter button in the search box to open filter options.

Filter Button Pointed

  • You can add specification to the filter such as Sent documents only or Received documents only or Both.

Filter Options Pointed

  • There is option to filter based on different statuses of the document such as Waiting for me, Waiting for others, Needs attention, Declined, Completed, Revoked, and Expired.

Status Dropdown

  • There is option to filter based on sender or receiver or using a date range such Today, Yesterday, and so on.

Sent By

Sent Between Dropdown

  • After filtering the documents, a pin button appears on top of the page.

Pin Button

  • When clicked, Pin to Dashboard dialog box open up and requests a name for the widget with filtered list. Enter the name to save and pin the widget to the dashboard.

Pin To Dashboard

Widget Name

  • You can find the pinned widget in the dashboard.

Successfully Pinned

  • You can easily open the pinned statistics to view the filtered documents using ‘view filter’ to open up the filtered documents.

View Filter Pointed

Filtered Documents

  • You can rename the widget and also delete it using the menu button.

Dashboard Pointed

Dashboard Options

  • To pin bulk links to dashboard, click 'My Bulk links'.

My Bulk Links Pointed

  • Click the menu button of the bulk link and select 'Pin to dashboard'.

Pin To Dashboard Pointed

Successfully Pinned

  • Now the bulk link appears as a widget in the dashboard. Click 'view bulk link' to open the bulk link overview page.

View Bulk Link Pointed

Link Overview Page

  • You can also view the document using 'View bulk link documents' option of menu button.

Registration Link Options

Bulk Link Document Opened

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