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How to manage my contacts?

Tue, 01 Nov, 2022

You can manage the contacts in your BoldSign account. The contacts can be added, edited, deleted, and can be searched. Also, while adding a new signer to the document, each signer will be automatically added and saved as a contact. The signing process becomes more accessible by using the autocomplete recommendations when typing a signer’s name.

Adding new contact:

  • Select My Contacts from the Contacts menu.
  • A list of all added contacts will be shown. Click the Add new contact button in the top right corner to add a new contact.

new contact

Searching contact:

  • You can look up for a specific contact by entering it in the Search contacts box next to the Add new contact button.

search contact

Editing the existing contact:

  • You can make modifications on the name and email address of the existing contact. If you wish to edit a contact, click the Edit button next to the contact.

edit contact

  • A popup will be opened. Make the necessary changes and once all the changes are made, click the Update button.

update contact

Deleting the contact:

  • If you wish to delete a contact, click the Delete option and delete it permanently. You can even delete a group of contacts by checking the box and selecting the delete option at the top.

delete contact

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