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How to manage my contact groups?

Mon, 14 Nov, 2022

A contact group is a set of users grouped together under one name. Every member of the contact group receives the document that is sent to that group. You can create a contact group and send documents quickly if you need to send documents to the same set of recipients.

Adding a new contact group

  • Click the My Contacts option under the Contacts menu.
  • Tap the CONTACT GROUPS section. All the available contact groups are listed.
  • Click the Add new contact group button at the top to create a new contact group.

contact groups

Searching a contact group

  • You can find a particular contact from the contact groups using the Search contacts box next to the Add new contact group button.

search contacts

Editing the contact group

  • On the My Contacts page, you will see the Group Name, Total Users, and Created By options.
  • The Edit and Delete icons are seen when the cursor hovers at the end of each contact group.

edit contact group

  • Click the Edit option to change the contact group name, or the member’s name and email ID.
  • You can also add and remove members if needed.
  • After making all the necessary changes, click Update.

update contact

Deleting the contact group

  • To remove a contact group, click the Delete icon near the contact group.
  • If you want to remove more than one contact groups, select the check box of the contact group you want to delete and press the Delete button in the top right corner.

delete contact group

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