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Manage Email Notifications

Thu, 15 Apr, 2021

  • Email notification is sent to sender, signer, CC as per the settings. To manage the notifications, click on the Settings > My Profile.

Settings Profile Option

  • ‘My Profile’ page opens up. Click on the notification tab to find the list of notifications.

Notification Tab

  • Sender notification has a list of notifications which will notify the sender for different events and sender can manage the notifications by simply enabling and disabling it.
  • Similarly, the user can enable or disable the notifications for when the user is a recipient or added as CC. The list of notifications is given below:

Recipient Notification

CC Notification

  • When an admin shares a template with a team, the team members (users) are notified.
  • When such a shared template is deleted, or the access permission for the template have been changed the team members (users) are notified.
  • The admin can enable or disable these template-related notifications as per requirement.

Template Notification

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