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How to organize and manage documents using tags?

Fri, 19 Aug, 2022

Tags are used to organize and manage documents. By filtering the tags, you can easily locate the appropriate documents. The tags can be added while creating the document or after creating the document.

Adding tags while creating the document:

Follow the steps below to add tags while creating the document.

  • Click Create New Document, and you can add tags in the prepare document section under the Document settings.
  • You can add multiple tags here and proceed with the completion of document. To add multiple tags, press the enter button after a tag is entered.

multiple tags

Adding/removing tags in the My Documents page:

Follow the steps below to add or remove the tags in the My Documents page.

  • Click the My Documents option. You can see a list of all your documents there.
  • If no tags were added to the document, the Add tags option will be displayed, and if any tags were added already, the Manage tags option will be displayed in the context menu. Select that option.
  • A popup will be displayed for adding new tags and to remove the existing tags.
  • Click Save after making the required changes.

Manage tags

Adding/ removing tags in the overview section:

Follow the steps below to add or remove the tags in the overview section.

  • If you wish to add tags to the already created document, click the document in the My Documents page and it will be navigated to the document’s overview page. Click Add Tag option and then click Save once you are done adding the tags.

add tag option

  • To remove tags, click the Manage tags option on the overview page of the specific document and remove them.

manage tag option

Organizing Documents:

Follow the steps below to organize the documents by filtering them based on the tags.

  • Click My Documents from the documents section and go to the advanced filter option to select Tags.
  • When the tags are selected, and the Apply Filter button is clicked, a list of all documents with the selected tag will appear.

manage documents gif

  • Once the filter is applied, you will have the pin filter option and the clear filter option at the top of the screen.
  • If you want to pin the filter, click the pin filter icon, and a popup asking for the Widget name will appear.
  • Enter a name for the saved filter and click the Save & Pin option. The filtered documents were successfully pinned on the dashboard page.


  • Click the Dashboard option. You can find the pinned filtered documents along with the widget name.
  • You can delete or rename the widget name on the dashboard page by clicking the context menu.
  • You can also track the status of the pinned filtered documents on the Dashboard page.

dashboard page

Note : The sender, signer, CC recipients, and their admins can add or remove the tags.

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