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How to extend the expiry date of the e-signature document

Wed, 6 July, 2022

Every document has its own expiration settings. The sender and its admin can only change a document's expiration date. The expiration date is set to 60 days by default, although it can be increased and decreased when a document is being created for signing. Additionally, you can also select the alert 1 day prior expiry option there.

If a document you sent is about to expire, You may be able to give your recipients more time by extending the document's expiration date.

To extend the expiry date:

  • Click My Documents , and then pick a document from the list whose expiration date you want to extend. Then open a document to see its overview page.
  • The overview page will show the already specified expiration date. To modify the expiry date, click Edit on the Expires on option.
  • Select a Future Date using the calendar option, and if necessary, enable the Alert 1 day prior expiry option.
  • Click Save and the new expiry date is successfully extended.

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  • On the overview page, you can only increase the document's expiration date, but you cannot reduce the number of days.
  • In the case that the document is revoked, declined, or expired, you cannot modify the expiration settings.
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