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How to download the signed documents?

Tue, 23 Aug, 2022

After all the signers have finished signing, the sender, signers, and CC recipients can download the signed documents from the BoldSign e-signature application. Participants of the document will also receive an email with a copy of the signed document immediately after the signing process is completed.

You can download the completed documents in two ways from the application:

Downloading documents on the My Documents page

  • Go to My Documents , hover on a completed document, and click its options. You can find the Download document option in the context menu.
  • When you select the Download document option, the document will be downloaded to your device.

download signed new

Downloading documents on the Overview page

  • Click on a completed document on the My Documents page. It will be navigated to the documents overview page.
  • Click the Document download button present at the top of the screen or click the More actions button and select the Download document option from the dropdown menu.

overview signed new

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