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What is the expiry limit for email links?

Wed, 12 Oct, 2022

When a document is sent out for signature, the signer will receive an email with a signing link, and that signing link is called an email link.

Email links expire to increase the protection of the document. In BoldSign, each email link has an expiration date which will automatically expire after 30 days.

A link cannot be used once it has expired. The user may automatically receive the new link in the email when the expired link is clicked. The signer can access the file by clicking the link and finishing the signing there. The new link’s validity will also be limited to 30 days.

When a signer attempts to sign a document through email after 30 days, an expiry alert message will be shown, and it will also notify you that a new access link has been sent through email.

If you did not receive the link, you could click the Resend link to get a new link and complete the signing process using the new one.

The below message will appear when you click on an expired email link.

resend link

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