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How to create a sandbox or live API key?

Thu, 10 Nov, 2022

API keys are a simpler alternative to using OAuth for connecting and authenticating BoldSign’s API services. The paid users can create API keys in both sandbox and live and the free plan users can create API keys only in sandbox. A maximum of two API keys can be created in sandbox and two API keys can be created in live.

Generate API key

  • Go to API menu and select the API Key option.
  • You can find the Generate API Key button on the API key page.
  • While clicking on that button, a dialog for API key generation is displayed.
  • By default, the Sandbox option is selected, and you can change it if you want to create API key for live.
  • Both live and sandbox options will be displayed for paid users. For free plan users, sandbox option will only be displayed.
  • Then, if you want to set the expiry date for the API key, you can enable the Token Validity option.
  • A date field will be displayed and click the calendar icon to select the expiry date.
  • If Token Validity is not enabled, then the generated API key will not get expired.
  • Then, click the Generate Token button to generate the API key.

Generate API key

Manage API keys

  • Once the API key is generated, the details of the API key will be displayed in the Manage Keys section.
  • To copy the API key, click the copy icon near the API key.
  • If you want to delete the API key, hover on a particular key, and click the delete icon at the end of the row.

Mange API keys

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