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How to change signer email address?

Mon, 29 Aug, 2022

The sender or admin of the sender can change the signer’s email address after the document has been sent for signature.

Follow the steps below to change the email address of the signer.

  • Go to Documents and select My Documents.
  • Click the document in which the signer’s email address should be changed, and you will be taken to the overview page.
  • On the overview page, all the recipients will be listed in the Recipient Details.
  • Click the context menu at the right end of the recipient and select the Edit recipient option.
  • A dialog box with Name, Email ID, and Reason fields will appear.
  • Change the email address of the signer in the Email ID field and specify the reason in the Reason field, then click Send.
  • Now, the new email address will be updated in the Email ID column.

Changing signer email address

  • Once the email address is changed, a notification email will be sent to the previously added email address.

Signer email address changed

  • Also, the document will be sent to the new email address for signing process.

Signature request to new email address


  • The user cannot change the email address of the recipient when the document is completed, declined, expired, or revoked.
  • When a document has two or more recipients, the Edit recipient option will not appear even if one of the recipients signed the document.

Overview page

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