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How to pin the bulk link to the dashboard page?

Tue, 13 Sep, 2022

The bulk link can be pinned to the dashboard page to keep track of its status and access it quickly.

Follow the steps below to pin the bulk link:

  • Go to Bulk Links and select My Bulk Links.
  • Select a particular bulk link, click the context menu at the right end of the bulk link, and click the Pin to dashboard option.

Pin Bulk link

  • Now, the bulk link will be added to the dashboard page.
  • The bulk link details like status, response received, responders, and signed/viewed date will be displayed on the widget.
  • To view the bulk link, click the View Bulk Link option.
  • To view the bulk link documents, click the context menu in the widget and select the View Bulk Link Documents option.
  • If you want to delete the widget, click the Delete widget option in the context menu.

View bulk link

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