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How to add your custom legal terms to the audit trail document?

Thu, 18 Aug, 2022

You can add your own custom legal terms to the document. The signers should agree to these custom legal terms along with the Electronic Signature Disclosure Terms and BoldSign’s Terms of Use. The custom legal terms can be added in the branding option of the settings menu.

Follow the steps below to add custom legal terms:

  • Go to the Branding option in the Settings menu and click the Edit Brand option in the context menu of a particular brand.

edit brand

  • In the edit brand page, scroll down to the Custom Legal Terms option and enable it.
  • After enabling it, you are asked to enter the custom legal terms title in the first box and the legal terms in the second box.
  • By clicking the custom legal terms title on the right side of the screen, you can see a preview of the custom legal terms.
  • Click the Save changes button at the top right corner of the screen once all the changes are made.

custom legal

  • Now, Click Create New Document in the main screen and select a brand under the Document settings section, which has the custom legal terms enabled.
  • Click the Next button at the top right of the screen, complete the remaining sections and click the Send button to transmit the work to the signer.

brand select

  • When the signer opens the document for signing, a confirmation popup will be displayed for reading and agreeing to the Electronic Signature Disclosure Terms, BoldSign’s Terms of Use, and the custom legal terms.

signer page

  • After the signer has finished the signing process, the sender can download the audit trail of the document.
  • The custom legal terms will be seen at the end of the audit trail document.

Note: The account admin of an organization will only be able to perform this operation.

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