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How to enable branding for the audit trail document?

Tue, 13 Sep, 2022

An organization can be recognized by its brand since it has a distinctive name and logo of its own. The audit trail document has the summary of the document. When the branding is added to the document, it is reflected in the audit trail document as well. Please note that the branding option is only visible to account administrators.

Creating a brand

Follow the below steps to create a brand.

  • Go to the Settings menu and click the Branding option.
  • Click Create New Brand on the Manage Brands page, you will be navigated to the Create new Brand page.

create new brand

  • You should enter a Brand Name , Logo , and Colors for your organization.
  • Once these 3 fields are filled, click the Save changes option and your brand will be saved successfully.

brand create

Enable branding while creating a signing request

Follow the below steps to enable branding while creating a signing request.

  • While creating a signing request, you will have a Select Brand option in Step 1 under the Document settings.
  • If you have more than one brand, choose the one you want to include in the audit trail document.

select brand

  • You can download the audit trail document after the signer has finished signing the document. Each page of the audit trail document will have your brand’s logo at the top left side.
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