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Setting up webhook in your account

Wed, 19 April, 2021

Once you have created a developer application, you can use that application to create webhook like below.

Step 1: Create webhook

Go to webhooks page under API section and click the Add webhook button at the top right corner.

Create a webhook

Step 2: Select application

In the select application drop down menu select the application you just created in developer apps section.

Select application

Step 3: Provide webhook name

You can provide a webhook name, it will be useful for our personal identification and the purpose of a webhook to keep things organized. Create a webhook

Step 4: Provide webhook URL

You need to provide a webhook URL, to which BoldSign will notify when an event happens in your document. HTTPS URLs are required.

Step 4.1: URL verification

Once you have provided an URL, it needs to be verified to successfully register as a valid webhook. To verify a webhook simplify click the verify button beside the URL textbox.

URL verification step 1

When you click the “Verify” button, a HTTP POST request will be sent your URL with below JSON payload. Note the “eventType” property value is “Verification”.

    "event": {
        "id": "7c872a5b-5fd5-4f1c-9765-92530a83a8b9",
        "created": 1617180024,
        "eventType": "Verification",
        "clientId": "17c97f7a-efdd-4fb5-b486-fef97b6544a7",
        "environment": "Test"

NOTE: Your endpoint needs to respond with HTTP status code 200 OK within 10 seconds to be verified successfully. When the URL is successfully verified, you should see the acknowledgement like below in the modal.

URL verification step 2

You can specify your actual endpoint URL instead of ngrok created URL if you have already setup your endpoint to receive callbacks.

Step 5: Events

You can be able to subscribe and listen to individual event or all the events that happens in a document from a webhook.

Trigger events

Step 6: Submit form

Once you have completed all the above steps, you are now ready click save and create a webhook like below.

Submit webhook form

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