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Maximum response time and Retry mechanism

Mon, 24 January, 2022

Maximum response time

When the HTTP POST request is made to the configured URL, the application should respond to the request within 10 seconds with 200 status code. If failed to respond within the mentioned time limitline the POST request will be marked as failed and retry mechanism will be initiated.

Retry mechanism

When the listening endpoint is down BoldSign will attempt to deliver your webhooks until 48 hours in exponential order. The retry mechanism will be initiated and the retry interval is mentioned below:

Retry attempts Time interval
1st attempt 1 minute
2nd attempt 15 minutes
3rd attempt 45 minutes
4th attempt 1 hour
5th attempt 8 hours
6th attempt 24 hours

If your endpoint does not respond within 6 attempts the webhook callback will be disabled and this will be notified to you via email. You need to create new webhook to receive any future callback events if your existing webhook is disabled.

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