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Tue, 1 February, 2022

Supported Fields

The supported form fields type supported in text tags creation are mentioned below:

Fields Syntax or text tag
Text text
Signature sign
Initial init
Datesigned date

Note: Radio button and checkbox can be created only using the definition tags which are explained in definition section.

Text tag Syntax

The text tag is a text element wrapped in {{ }}, tags need to start with {{ and end with }}. The tag data is separated by a pipe |
The supported fields type can be place in the document, which is a required tag.

  1. {{text|1|*}}
  2. {{sign|1|*}}
  3. {{init|1|*}}
  4. {{date|1|*}}

Signer Index

The signer index starts from one. The one represents the first signer of the document. When the two or more signers in the same order, still it be considered as index, and index will be different for the two signer orders. This field property is required.

  1. {{text|1}}
  2. {{text|2}}


The fields required can be marked with the below syntax, “*” or “single empty space”

  1. {{text|1|*}}
  2. {{text|1| |}}


The label or placeholder of the fields can be added with the below syntax,

  1. {{text|1|*|Enter name}}

Field ID

A field name or ID to identify this specific field within the document. The field name is used to identify the values that are provided during signing when the data gets exported from the service using get properties API.

Below are the list of supported characters:
A-Z, a-z, 0-9, hyphen, and underscore

Note: The field id should be unique and the value should not be repeated for other fields.


The height and width of the fields can be measured with the text tags width and height. The form field width can be increased by providing more white space at the beginning of the text tag immediately after the “{{“ or at the end of the text tag just before the “}}”. to text tags. The form field height can be increased by increasing the font size of the text tags.


  {{                 text|1|*}} 
 {{sign|1|*                      }}

The fields size can be override with the pixel values of height and width. This property will override the spacing width and font size with the provided pixel value and it will be explained in this link

Order Tag name Required Tag description
1 Field type Required Field type can be text, sign, init, etc.
2 Signer Index Required The index of signer to which the form fields should be assigned to the signers
3 Required Optional Whether this is required or not
4 Field label Optional This will be displayed as the placeholder for text fields
5 Field ID Optional This will be the field identifier. Supported characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, hyphen, and underscore

Note: In order to skip an option, simply leave it empty without making any changes to the order of other options. A field with a field identifier but without a field label would look like this:
{{text|1|*|Please enter your first name|signer_1_name}}

Hide Text

BoldSign will not remove text tags from the document. So in order to hide the text tags from the document, we recommend to use text tags color to match the background color (mostly it will be white on white).

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