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List templates

Mon, 12 Apr, 2021

The list of templates which is available in your “All Templates” section can be fetched with the help of this API.

Refer the below code snippet for more information:


var templates = this.templateApi.ListTemplates(page: 1, pageSize: 20);
curl -X GET '' \
-H 'accept: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <authtoken>'

Please note that the default pageSize for a request is 10 and maximum limit on pageSize is 100. The below given table shows the list of properties available in template records:

Property Description
Result Collection of template information which is fetched for the requested template list
PageDetails Contains information about the requested page which contains the template list

The template Result will contain information on list of templates requested which can be found below:

Properties Description
TemplateName Name of the template
TemplateDescription Description of the template
DocumentId Template ID
MessageTitle Message title of the template
Status Status of the template such as Draft.
AccessType Template permission access type such as Use or Edit
SenderDetail Contains information about the sender
SignerDetails Contains information about the signer
CcDetails Contains information about the CC
AccessTid This value represents the Team ID of the template shared to
ActivityBy Gets the information of user who performed the last activity in the template
ActivityDate Gets the date of the last performed activity in the template
CreatedDate Created date of the template
EnableSigningOrder Boolean indicating whether the signing order is enabled

The PageDetails will contain following information about the pages fetched:

Property Description
PageSize Page size specified in get template list request
Page Page index specified in get template list request
TotalRecordsCount Total number of templates fetched
TotalPages Total number of pages fetched
SortedColumn The field with which the list is sorted
SortDirection Direction in which the data is sorted as ascending or descending
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