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Thu, 31 Mar, 2021

The BoldSign API allows you to send documents to collect e-signatures from within your app. BoldSign has a necessary set of APIs that give you complete control over documents and properties. You can send document out for signature, track status with webhooks, download document and audit trail, remind the signers to complete the signing process etc.

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How to best read this user guide

The best way to get started would be to read the “Preparing your application” section of the documentation for the application that you would like to start using first. The “Preparing your application” and “Getting Started” guide gives just enough information that you need to know before starting to write code. This is the only section that we recommend reading end-to-end before starting to write code, all other information can be referred as needed.

Getting Help

If you need help in understanding or integrating the BoldSign APIs into your service or application, please use the support section or chat to connect with our API support engineers.

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