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Get document Properties

Thu, 8 Apr, 2021

You can get complete details about the document such as status, signer details, sender details, document history, etc. with the help of this API. Details of the document can be fetched with the help of document ID as shown in the below code snippet:


// This is an example document id, add your own document id upon usage.
var documentId = "949ebf20-45a8-4a3e-91a9-68e9540e0020";
var documentProperties = this.DocumentClient.GetProperties(documentId);
curl -X GET '' \
-H 'accept: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <authtoken>'

The below given table shows the different information available in DocumentProperties and their description:

Properties Description
DocumentId Document ID
MessageTitle Message title of the document
DocumentDescription Document description provided in the document
Status Status of the document such as In-progress, completed, Decline, Expired, Revoked, Draft
Files Gets information about the documents such as file name, page count, document order
SenderDetail Contains information about the sender
SignerDetails Contains information about the signer
CcDetails Contains information about the CC
ReminderSettings Contains information about reminder such as reminder days and repeat count
Reassign Contains information about reassign action such as signer email, reassign message, and signing order if reassign action is performed
DocumentHistory Contains document history with all actions performed like sign, download document, decline reassign, view document, etc.
ActivityBy Gets the information of user who performed the last activity in the document
ActivityDate Gets the date of the last performed activity in the document
ActivityAction Gets the last activity performed in the document
CreatedDate Created date of the document
ExpiryDays Number of days to expire from created date
ExpiryDate Expiry date of the document
EnableSigningOrder Boolean indicating whether the signing order is enabled
IsDeleted Boolean indicating whether the document is deleted
RevokeMessage Revoke message if the document is revoked
DeclineMessage Decline message if the document is declined.
Labels Labels of the document.
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