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How to invite new users to a team?

Thu, 29 Jul, 2021

  • The account admin can add new users to any team by sending invites. The team admin can invite new users only to their team.
  • Open the Users pages from the 'Users & Teams' dropdown. The 'Invite users' button can be seen on top-right corner.

User Page

  • Click 'Invite users' button and the 'Invite new users' dialog box opens up.

Invite Users Pointed

Invite New Users

  • Select the team from the drop-down in which the user is to be added.

Team Dropdown Invite Users

  • Enter the email ID then click 'Add' button and click the Invite button.

Email Section Invite Users

  • If the user already exists as a part of other organisation then you will get a error message as follows:

User Invite Error

  • If the user is not part of any other organisation then the invite is successful.

Invite Users Success

  • The user gets invitation in the mail as below and the user shall accept invitation.

Invite Users Mail

  • User can login with Google or Microsoft account by clicking the respective button. User should only use the account of the email ID to which the invitation was sent.

New User Password

  • Or else the user can Create Password, add First Name, Last Name, and Phone number (optional) for their account.

New User Details

  • The user is successfully added.
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