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How to find and download the invoice?

Tue, 23 Aug, 2022

The account admin can view the invoice and download it from the subscription page. The receipt can also be downloaded once the amount is paid.

Find and download the invoice

Follow the steps below to find the invoice and download it.

  • Select Subscription from the Settings menu.
  • You can find the Invoices section on the subscription page.
  • Then, hover on a particular invoice and click the View Invoice option.

View invoice option

  • You will be taken to the invoice page, where you can find the basic invoice details such as amount, invoice number, payment date, payment method, etc.
  • Click on the View invoice details option to view the complete invoice details.

Invoice page

  • To download the invoice, Click the Download invoice option.
  • If the amount is paid, the receipt can be downloaded using the Download receipt option.

Find all invoices within a specific date range

Follow the steps below to find all the invoices within a specific date range.

  • Click View all invoices option on the Subscription page.

View all invoices option

  • The Invoices dialog box will appear. In that, click the calendar icon near the Date range text box.
  • Then, select the start date and end date and click Apply.
  • The selected date range will be filled in the Date range text box.
  • Now, click the View button to see all the invoices within the selected date range.

invoices within the specific date range

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