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How to delete a user and transfer their documents to another user?

Tue, 3 Aug, 2021

An account admin can delete any user under the organization while the team admin can only delete users under their team.

Follow the steps below to delete a user and transfer the documents:

  • Open the Users page under the Users & Teams option. You can see the list of users under various teams.
  • To delete a user, click the menu button at the end of the user and select the Delete User option.

delete user option

  • Click Delete user and a dialog box opens up to transfer the ownership of documents to another user before deleting the current user.
  • Select another user from the To dropdown. The ownership of documents of the user will be transferred to the selected user after the deletion.
  • Click Confirm to delete the user and the transfer of the ownership of the document will begin.

Delete and transfer ownership to another user

Transfer ownership of documents notification

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