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How to change my current plan?

Thu, 29 Jul, 2021

After a subscription plan is activated, it can be changed anytime. You can both upgrade and downgrade your plan as per the need.

Upgrading your subscription

  • Go to Settings and click Subscription to open the Subscription page. In the overview section, you see the plan you are already in.
  • If you have the Starter plan, click the Upgrade option and the subscription plans will be displayed.

Upgrade option

  • You can upgrade to any subscription plan. There is Business plan and API plan. You can select the plan as a Yearly plan or Monthly plan based on your preference.

Subscription plans

  • Click Buy Business Plan or Buy API Plan as per your need and the Payment Details page opens up.
  • Enter the required details and click the Buy now button.

Payment details

  • The plan is changed successfully and the payment is deducted.

Downgrading your subscription

  • You can downgrade your subscription by clicking the Change plan option.

Change plan option

  • Change to the required plan by clicking the Select Free Plan or Downgrade button.

Subscription plans

  • After selecting the plan of your choice, you get information about the plan. Click Confirm to continue.

Confirmation dialog box

Switching between Monthly and Yearly subscriptions

  • You can switch between Yearly and Monthly plans as per the requirement.
  • Your plan will be changed to the selected plan immediately in case of upgrade and it will be changed from the next billing cycle in case of a downgrade.

Yearly and Monthly plans

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