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How to change my current plan?

Thu, 29 Jul, 2021

  • You can change you subscription plan anytime.
  • Click Settings->Subscription to open subscription page. In the overview section you see the plan you are already in.

Subscription Page

  • You can both upgrade and downgrade your plan as per the need.
  • In case you have free plan you can upgrade it.
  • Click the upgrade option and subscription plans page opens up.

Upgrade Pointed

Upgrade Plan

  • Click 'Buy Business Plan' or 'Buy Enterprise Plan' as per need and Payment details page opens up.

Payment Details Page

  • Enter the required details and click the 'Buy now' button.

Buy Now Button

  • The plan is changed successfully and payment is deducted.
  • If you want to downgrade your plan you can click the required plan you would like to change it to and click the 'Select Free Plan' or 'Downgrade' button.

Change Plan Pointed

Downgrade Plan

  • After selecting the plan of your wish, you get information about the plan. Click 'Confirm' to continue.

Business Plan

Free Plan

  • The plan is changed and the downgraded is intitiated successfully. Your plan will be downgraded to the selected plan from the next billing cycle.
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