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How to Activate or Deactivate a user?

Thu, 29 Jul, 2021

  • Account admin can activate or deactivate any user under the organisation while the team admin can only activate or deactive user under their team.
  • Open the 'Users' page under 'Users & Teams' option. You can see the list of users under various teams.

User Page

  • Click the menu button at the end for a user you want to Deactivate. You can see option such as 'Delete User' and 'Deactivate User'.

User Deactivate Option

  • Click Deactivate user option. If the user has no documents associated with them, click 'Confirm' in the dialog box to deactivate user.

No Transfer confirm

  • If the user has documents associated with them, transfer the ownership of documents under the user to another user.

Transfer Dialog Box

  • Select another user from the 'To' dropdown. The ownership of documents of the user will be transferred to the selected user after the deactivation.

Transfer User Dropdown

  • Click 'Confirm' button to Deactivate the user and the transfer of the ownership of document will begin.

Transfer Initiated

  • To Activate user click the menu button at the end of the Deactivated user and select the 'Activate User' option.

User Activate Option

Activated Message

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