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How to create custom permission?

Mon, 29 Aug, 2022

A team admin or a team member cannot access other team documents by default. Using the Custom Permissions feature, an account admin can permit any team admin or team member to access other team documents. Also, the account admin can find the history of permissions allowed and denied to a particular member using the Filter option.

Creating new custom permission

Follow the steps below to create new custom permission:

  • Select Custom Permissions from the Users and Teams menu and then click the New Custom Permission option.
  • You can find fields like Users, Entity type, select teams, etc.
  • Fill in all the fields based on the requirement and click Save.
  • Now, the particular member specified in the Users column can access the documents of the team(s) specified in the Select Teams column.

Create custom permission

  • After creating the custom permission, the details will be displayed on the Custom permissions page.
  • If you want to deny the permission, select the user in the Custom Permissions page, click the edit option, select Deny in the Access Type field, and click Save.
  • To deny and delete the record from the custom permission page, select the user and click the delete option.

Edit and delete custom permissions

Filtering the particular user

Using the filter option, you can find the custom permissions allowed or denied to a particular user.

Follow the steps below to find the particular user:

  • Click the Filter option on the right side of the Custom Permissions page.
  • Fill in all the required fields and click Apply Filter.

Filtering the permission of particular user

  • Now, the custom permissions allowed/denied for a particular user will be displayed.

Filtered record

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