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How to change the default settings of the document?

Mon, 26 Sep, 2022

Some of the document settings option’s default values can be changed in BoldSign, and only the account admin can make this change.

Changing the default settings:

  • Click the Business Profile option from the Settings menu and scroll down to the Document Settings.
  • You can modify the parameters in the Document settings.
  • The Print and Sign , the Expiry Duration , the Expiry Alert , and the Auto Reminder Sequence options are the default settings and can be enabled or disabled.
  • Click the Save changes button once the required parameters have been modified.
  • Now the modified options will be the default options in the signature request document which is created after these changes.

default settings

Default options and their use:

  1. Print and Sign - If this option is enabled, the signers can print the document and sign it.
  2. Expiry Duration - You have this option to alter the expiry duration of the document.
  3. Expiry Alert - The Alert one day before expiry option is automated for all the documents if this toggle is turned on.
  4. Auto Reminder Sequence - You can change the sequence of auto reminder in which recipients will be notified automatically to complete the documents.
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