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List, and get detailed information of the documents

This demo lists all the documents sent and received by the demo account. Click on any row to view all of its document properties. You can filter the document list using its properties like status, search terms, labels, sender email, and recipients.

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Document ID Message Title Status
e5b5037a-11b7-42f2-8f44-e9d2b69bba30 Test Tags Completed
8ded8a68-b685-45c4-8cf2-401371a51c51 Test Tags Completed
3ace3cc0-a985-41bd-9ea1-cc8d8861a4aa Test Tags In Progress
b679dac9-9cb7-4d48-9268-cbbc2727ab87 Affidavit of Residence In Progress
5e71a7e3-eef5-4e8c-9a9a-fc6a01ddf2f0 Test Tags In Progress
9402c675-84f1-450c-ae4a-64ce284016a6 Test Tags In Progress
ff5a78ca-4df6-46a1-a621-ac4ed56aa1aa Affidavit of Residence In Progress
2c06e511-1084-44c3-a5f8-d096a7424305 Affidavit of Residence In Progress
3a5eb53c-09d1-4dbc-a00f-b7474d1279d9 Test Tags In Progress
01166696-f98c-426c-99d9-e7bb9f5bb0c5 Sent from API SDK In Progress
bc6f88cd-361c-4fd9-ace3-95f2c22b350b Sent from API SDK In Progress
fa518f53-f28e-4ee5-ab1b-d80a0f9610c6 Sent from API SDK In Progress
7362649b-b069-4b96-b241-6abe4b49f837 Affidavit of Residence In Progress
14bf52f5-58cb-44fa-8d70-8784aeb13b9c Sent from API SDK Completed
978f3ae3-6e20-4fe1-8fe6-5af245ab623f Affidavit of Residence In Progress
00582c24-3050-4e58-a694-676f9234d0b4 Sent from API SDK In Progress
1b816f14-39c0-4930-b4ec-bc6e2eb52680 Affidavit-of-Residence In Progress
b14fc04b-c423-428e-bd7e-245a019e5c93 Test Tags Completed
8f8af703-3fe9-49ac-8f6b-ac143ce7e22e Affidavit of Residence Completed
241b8540-ceca-4072-a5ab-0dd6e6ca59ab Affidavit of Residence Completed
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